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100% hands down guaranteed, the BEST email delivery rates you've EVER seen!
We're not just saying it and it's not hype. You'll not find better email delivery ANYWHERE!

Server Rotation 

We can rotate your send through well established, white listed IPs through multiple SMTP services.

Rules Based Sending 

Our system incorporates leveled rules based sending. Rules for sending servers and rules for receiving domains 

Full Spintax Support

 Our system supports FULL spintax support in both subject and body! Send bulk without EVER sending the samel!


Our SMTP Sender service could best be described as an SMTP Proxy on steroids. You bring your own SMTP servers and we make them work altogether with a single sending strategy. 

We work with all of the best third party SMTP server services on the market. Services that have been proven to be reliable and to work. Services like SendGrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, Mailjet and so many more! Many of these services offer FREE accounts! And don't worry, we have a full list of SMTP services that we work with and we show you exactly how to sign up.

Once you have signed up for 1 - 100 SMTP services, then you just enter each into our system and set the specific rules for that service. For instance, SendGrid allows for sending 200 - 400 free emails daily, so you limit that account to just 200 emails daily. Once that limit has been reached, the system moves to the next service in line while sending.

You can also set up rules for domains. For instance using Sendgrid as an example again, you may say send to no more than 100 addresses within an hour. If that number is reached, it will move to the next SMTP service in the system.

Your Own Autoresponder
Set your third party SMTP servers up in our system and connect to them all as a single host with your self hosted autoresponder! Your autoresponder works as it always has!

Your Own Email Client 
That's right, all you REALLY need to connect to our service is your own email client, any will work. Connect to the SMTP sender system as you would any SMTP server

Our Fully Integrated
Kuhnekt Service
Don't have your own autoresponder? Try Kuhnekt, it's fully integrated with the SMTP Sender system and we have MANY options.
Add SMTP Provider

SMTP Sender

The Evolution Of Email Marketing
  • True rules based mailing
  • Filters based mailing
  • FULL spintax support, subject AND body!
  • Spintax as HTML support!
  • Per hour SMTP delivery limits
  • Per day SMTP delivery limits
  • Per month SMTP delivery limits
  • Per hour domain limits
  • Per day domain limits
  • Use your own Autoresponder
  • Use your own email client
  • Use our fully integrated Kuhnekt autoresponder
  • And SO much more

100% CAN-SPAM Compliant!

SMTP Sender is 100% CAN-SPAM Act complaint! That's right, not only are our delivery rates AMAZING, you can relax a bit when using us. Our service is in FULL compliance. Just follow the CAN-SPAM Act yourself while sending and you have nothing to worry about . . . unlike many other sending services competitors.

More Control Than Ever Before!

Have a look at the below image. The domain was blocking our server because some of our server providers IPs were on a block list. This means 1 out of 100s of thousands IP addresses may be bad, having absolutely nothing to do with us - and that our email is still getting blocked.

This is a perfect example of the power of SMTP Sender.
email blocked
So now we just go to domain filter limits within SMTP Sender, for that particular mail server. We then create a blocking filter for A blocking filter means exactly what it sounds like, that no more emails from that domain will be sent by that mail server.
Blocking a domain
As footnote: All outlook based domains have been added to the hotmail family within SMTP Sender. There is no longer a need to set outlook based filters.

Just the opposite of sending spam!

By reviewing our autoresponder logs and setting appropriate rules and filters with SMTP sender, we can now send each ESP or email provider, exactly the kind of email that they want coming through their systems.

Instead of just blindly sending out email and hoping on a wing and a prayer that it reaches our customers, we can take 100% control of the situation and make sure with near 100% certainty that our emails are actually reaching our customers.
domain has been blocked

And The Opposite Works Just As Well

If we know that a particular server or service is REALLY good at delivering email to a specific ESP or email provider, we can set an exclusive filter on that service and tell it to only deliver email to that specific ESP or email provider.

In the image below we are setting SendGrid, a paid third party provider to ONLY deliver emails to the hotmail family. This allows us to make sure we are still delivering to our hotmail based customers and also allows us to keep overhead cost down by using this paid service only where it's absolutely necessary.

Exclusive filters apply per service, or email server and override all other filters or rules on that service.
Exclusive filter for Hotmail only

If you are a professional emailer, we have a plan that fits your budget and needs!

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